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“Portuguese firm Magnomics won the 2015 Innovation Award at the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor (KCAHC) Investment Forum.

Magnomics received the Innovation Award for its ‘lab-on-a-chip’ diagnostic, currently designed for the detection of bovine mastitis.

The firm claims the device can detect four types of bacterial DNA, with the potential to detect for other strains in the future, which it said makes the diagnostic unique compared to other products currently on the market because it can give more specific detail about a possible infection.

In addition, the company believes its diagnostics has an advantage over other solutions on the market because it can provide the benefits of lab-based testing but on-site.

Chief executive of the firm, João Pereira, told Animal Pharm: “Off-site you have the molecular-based and the culture-based tests. The molecular tests are fairly quick but quite expensive, and have logistics surrounding them. The culture tests can be slow. We can provide the benefits of molecular and culture diagnostics on-site within two hours.” ”

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Magnomics wins in Kansas City

Magnomics won the Innovation Award at the 2015 Kansas City Animal Health Investment Forum, the most prestigious accolade in the industry.

“All of the companies made 10-minute presentations that were judged by a panel, which chose one for its Innovation Award: Magnomics of Portugal. Magnomics is developing portable nanotechnology-based diagnostic devices for identifying bacterial pathogens. The award came with a $2,500 check.”

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